Cheapest Lands for Sale in the USA

7 Cheapest Lands for Sale in the USA

7 Cheapest Lands for Sale in the USA

Acquiring land for sale is often regarded as the quintessential American dream. The opportunity to purchase land generates excitement and possibilities as it provides a blank slate for the buyer to create their vision. Unlike purchasing a house, the potential for what can be done with the land is endless.

However, some individuals may feel discouraged, assuming they lack the necessary funds to make this dream a reality. Despite this, there are several affordable land options available throughout the country, and finding them is simply a matter of knowing where to look. Here are the 7 Cheapest Lands for Sale in the USA

1. New Mexico

New Mexico is one of the 7 cheapest lands for sale in the USA. It is geographically diverse and comprises a range of landscapes, including forested mountains, grassland, and fertile valleys. However, a significant portion of the state is comprised of the desert. The Chihuahuan Desert spans the southern region. In places like Deming, you can purchase land for a low price, with some plots available for less than $200 per acre.
Additionally, even in remote desert areas in the central part of the state, one can find inexpensive land for sale. For instance, in the vicinity of Bosque, it’s possible to encounter land offerings at rates as low as $100 per acre.

2. Arizona

Arizona is an excellent destination for those in search of cheap land. While the state boasts diverse landscapes, including forests, canyons, and skiing resorts, much of western and southern Arizona is comprised of arid desert land, known for its scorching hot summers and mild winters, as well as its diverse plant life, including cacti.
If you’re looking to buy land in Arizona, focus your search on the western and southern regions of the state. In west Arizona, outside cities like Wikieup, Kingman, Meadview, and Bullhead City, you can often find land for sale in the $250-$500 per acre range. Meanwhile, in southern areas near Douglas, Hereford, Bisbee, and McNeal, properties can be found for $400-$600 per acre.

3. Nevada

Nevada is similar to New Mexico in that it offers a large amount of remote desert land. The northern region of Nevada is located in the Great Basin, a desert area characterized by hot summers and cold winters. Outside of cities such as Wells, Lovelock, and Winnemucca, you can find affordable land for sale in Nevada, with prices ranging from $100 to $200 per acre.

4. Maine

Maine is unique among the states on our list as it boasts an entirely different landscape, characterized by its rugged coastline and heavily forested timberlands. Situated in the New England region and as the most northeastern U.S. state, Maine is one of the least densely populated areas in the country, with over 420 unorganized townships. This abundance of remote and secluded land offers a rare opportunity for those seeking to escape civilization. And in contrast to this, if someone is looking to buy a luxurious apartment in Pakistan, he/she can consider purchasing an apartment in Al Barka Heights, one of the top-notch projects of the Al Safa Group of Companies.

If you’re in search of cheap land for sale in Maine, the best place to start your search is in the eastern part of the state, particularly in the Northeast. In northeastern towns such as Van Buren, Connor Township, and Castle Hill, you can find remote properties for as low as $450-$800 per acre. In eastern towns like Amity, Cary, Dyer Brook, and Linneus, you may come across land tracts ranging from $400-$700 per acre. There are also some affordable land options further south, in places like Perkins Township, Franklin, and Hermon, with prices ranging from $575 to $800 per acre.

5. Colorado

While Colorado may be known for its expensive real estate in popular destinations like Aspen and Steamboat Springs, it’s also home to some remote and barren land, particularly in the form of desert and mountainous terrain. This type of land is often available in large parcels, making it possible to find affordable land in Colorado, especially in the outer parts of the state.

In the southeastern and eastern areas of Colorado, such as Kim, Campo, Eads, and Hasty, you can find land for sale for around $680-$1,000 per acre. In the western part of the state, where desert and mountain conditions are more prevalent, you may come across the land for sale for $500-900 per acre.

In southern Colorado, in cities such as Walsenburg, Del Norte, and Moffat, land prices can be as low as $750-$1,000 per acre. Additionally, you may even find land for sale for under $1,000 per acre in central Colorado in places like Yoder.

6. Michigan

Michigan has inexpensive land, much like Maine, owing to its two peninsulas, the Lower and Upper Peninsula. Despite its significant population, the Upper Peninsula is sparsely inhabited, and one can find substantial plots of hunting land, recreational properties, cabins, and even land with water features at reasonable prices. The area’s off-grid and remote nature is responsible for this. For instance, if someone is looking for land in Pakistan, he can contact Al Safa Marketing. Located in the far north and bordered by Lake Superior, Lake Michigan, and Lake Huron, the Upper Peninsula has land prices ranging from $250 to $600 per acre, making it an ideal location for affordable land.

7. Oregon

Oregon boasts a remarkable geographical diversity that encompasses everything from dense forests, volcanoes, and crystal clear lakes to mountains, the Pacific coastline, and even desert and shrubland areas, which offer affordable land for sale. The western and southern parts of the state are good starting points to find reasonably priced land. For instance, one can find land for sale in cities such as Adel, Plush, and Bonanza ranging between $250 and $650 per acre, while some places in the north like Christmas Valley, Summer Lake, Brothers, and Service Creek offer even cheaper land prices, with rates as low as $300-$700 per acre.



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