How to Sell Your Home Fast for Cash-3 Easy Methods

How to Sell your Home Fast for Cash-3 easy methods

How to Sell Your Home Fast – 3 Easy Methods


If you want to sell your home faster, these options can speed up the process. Even in a hot market, “for sale” signs really do not last for long, so you still need to be sure your house will sell fast. You can follow different procedures to sell your house quickly, but the right procedure is the one that may depend more on your priorities in addition to speed and less on your exact timeline. The following are three methods to accelerate the process of selling a home. 

  • Cash Buyer

 You can list your home for sale as it is, which means without repairing it or doing updates on it, even if it is not in prime condition. Then, because of this, you would have to ask for less money.

 Obviously, as you are selling your home as-is, it will save you time in getting your home listed. The lower price tag will attract people who are cash buyers: not only wealthy individuals but also real estate investors and professional flippers who are looking for a fixer-upper. All cash saves a hefty amount of time as the buyer does not have to go through the whole mortgage approval process- a key factor that makes closing take too long. 

 Besides individuals, there are home-buying companies typically named “Cash for Homes” and “We Buy Homes.” They specialized in exalting such properties. (They also buy homes that are not as-is.) You can sell your home with them in just a few months. There may be a little negotiation on price, but you would not have to pay any agent commission, either.

 The negative aspect of such firms is that they do not tend to make the highest offers in town. Basically, they want to make a profit when they sell your home. Their pulse point as buyers is that they move so fast, and it is a slam dunk. Besides selling your home, buying one is also a hectic task, but Al Safa Marketing is a reliable real estate marketing company in Pakistan that I making the process of buying plots and apartments easier. 

  • Find a Top-Notch Listing Agent

If you are looking to close fast and also want to maximize your profit from your home sale, then a top-notch listing agent can be the best option. They will help you correctly price your home, stage scroll-stopping photos, write a catchy listing description, and advocate for you at the time of evaluating offers and negotiating.

A seller’s real estate can cost you a pretty penny since agent commissions can vary. You would generally have to pay 6% of the total home sale price in commission, which will be split between your listing agent and the buyer’s agent. Although, an experienced agent may cost more, for instance, 8% commission, 3% for the buyer’s agent, and 5% for the listing agent. The commission is something that you will ask about while interviewing your potential listing agents.        

  •      Sell to an iBuyer

An iBuyer is a company that directly buys your home with a cash offer. The “i” here does not stand for any Apple product; instead, it stands for “instant.” To sell your home to an iBuyer company, you would have to fill out an online form, upload a few pictures of your home, and you would receive an offer within a few days. One big red flag: iBuyers only buy specific types of homes, and they are not operational in the whole country. Normally, when you enter your address while filling out an online form, an iBuyer will instantly tell you if your place is eligible or not. 

iBuyer lets you choose the closing date. This can be accommodating if you want to buy or sell your home simultaneously, but it also allows you to go fast. Without any mortgage involvement, you would be able to close with an iBuyer in a minimum of 7 to 10 days. The minimum time to close a deal typically depends on some factors. These factors involve iBuyer, your location, and the details of the home sale. You may have to pay a service fee to an iBuyer, which is normally 5% to 12% of the total offer value. If an iBuyer has to do a renovation or repair, it will also be deducted from the final amount you receive. 

There is also a downside to iBuyer. If you are only getting iBuyer’s offer, you would not know what price you could receive for your home in an open market. But if moving quickly is your priority, you may be ready to sacrifice potentially higher profits for a predictable timeline. Same like these there are different companies in Pakistan where when can fill up the form and buy or sell homes, apartments, or plots. These companies which are top real estate companies in Pakistan include Al Safa Group,, and

More Ways to Sell Your House Quickly:

  • Do a Deep Cleaning: 

If you do not have enough time to mop the floors, dust, vacuum, and make your surfaces shine, then consider hiring someone to do the job. By investing a small amount in hiring a service, you will see a sizeable return on your investment. 

  • Make minor repairs:

If you’re planning to sell your home, it’s advisable to make sure it’s in turnkey condition with minimal repairs or updates required. This is because many potential buyers prefer homes that are move-in ready and do not have any major issues that need fixing. By taking care of minor repairs and updates beforehand, you can increase the appeal of your home and attract more buyers, ultimately leading to a faster sale. 

  • Boost the curb appeal:

Do not neglect the exterior because it is the first thing that buyers will see. Instead, you can enhance the window dressing by mowing the lawn and pressure washing the walkway, front porch, and driveway. Also, apply a fresh coat of paint to the front door if needed, and clean all the windows. All these fixes take only a day or two to complete. 

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